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I'm Koa, I'm the founder of LBD and a creative designer!

 I am alot of things but the #1 I try to be everyday is friendly and welcoming. Alongside providing artists a platform to sell there art I additionally work with non-for profits and small business's in growing ther business and visual identities.

If you need help with any of the below or have a question reach out through the button below1!

Mini Bio.

I take great pride in my First Nation Australian heritage, and I have a deep passion for animals, community, art, and connecting with people. My upbringing in rural Australia instilled in me a strong sense of belonging, and I am honored to be the first in my family to attend university, with a special connection to my birthplace, Meanjin.



About Me

Proud First Nations Man: 
Wakka Wakka Tribe

Exercise Science
Behavioral Science
UX/UI Design

Collective Industry 
4+ Years


Have a look at my most recent formal positions! with a range of other organisations.

Tasked with supervising the digital marketing, web design, and social media management team, while facilitating communication with remote teams in New Zealand and across Australia.

BLA - Australia

Digital Marketing Manager

Collaborating with a diverse clientele on projects of varying sizes encompassing web design, graphic design, and brand development.

Luminous Black Design


In charge of coordinating with copywriters, photographers, and stakeholders within a dynamic e-commerce organization, with a primary focus on graphic design and UX/UI design.

Yarn Marketplace

UX/UI & Graphic Designer

In charge of addressing the physical and psychological well-being of a diverse group of individuals through the implementation of positive behavioral psychology interventions.

Palladium Private

Physical Health & Wellness Coach

With a diverse multi-disciplinary background, I've acquired knowledge across various educational fields, from Allied Health to Exercise Science. This diverse foundation enhances my ability to approach challenges with a versatile and comprehensive mindset in professional settings.


Queensland University of Technology -

Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science



Australian Institute of Fitness -Certificate III & IV in Fitness Master Trainer/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor


University of Sunshine Coast -Bachelor of UX/UI Design (Maj. Visual Com)


Queensland University of Technology -

Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Psychology)


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