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Brisbane Street Art Festival

Graphic Design


Can we visually capture the essence of The Brisbane Street Festival while ensuring clarity and appeal? How might integrating commissioned artworks and graphics across digital platforms enhance its branding? And how can this approach boost engagement, highlighting the festival's cultural significance and fostering community involvement?


The creation of the booklet design by our team ensured that The Brisbane Street Festival presented a fresh showcase of its events with a focus on clarity and appeal. Subsequently, our strategic application of externally commissioned artworks and graphics across its website and social media platforms further enhanced the festival's promotional materials, fostering a cohesive and captivating branding experience. This comprehensive approach amplified the festival's reach and engagement with the community, effectively highlighting its vibrant offerings and cultural significance.

Reinvigorating Program Designs and Enhancing Brand Facilitation To Get The Art Scene Pumpin!


Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media

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