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Maleny Birdworld

For Maleny Birdworld, a redesign of the map and a striking Bruce Highway Supersite were needed. I delivered by utilizing Procreate for a vibrant map overhaul, ensuring seamless navigation. The Supersite Billboard, strategically positioned, serves as an artistic prelude to the avian marvels within.

What we did in a nutshell!

About The Project

This portfolio entry encapsulates my response to Maleny Birdworld's need for a map redesign and a captivating Bruce Highway Supersite. The client's vision required a fresh, dynamic map for the bird sanctuary, and I executed this by harnessing the creative power of Procreate. The result is a visually rich map, intricately detailed to guide visitors seamlessly through the diverse habitats of Maleny Birdworld. Additionally, the project extended to the creation of a Supersite Billboard along the Bruce Highway. Here, I merged artistic flair with strategic placement, offering travelers a tantalizing glimpse into the avian wonders awaiting them at Maleny Birdworld. This visual introduction serves not only as a billboard but as an invitation, enticing passersby to explore the lush landscapes and diverse bird species within the sanctuary. In essence, this portfolio entry underscores my ability to understand client needs, leverage creative tools like Procreate, and deliver a holistic solution that enhances both functionality and visual appeal. Join me in navigating the redesigned Maleny Birdworld map and experiencing the allure of the Bruce Highway Supersite.
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