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Bridget Murphy

Elevating Bridget Murphy Interiors: Crafting a distinctive personal brand to set them apart in the workforce. From logo to website, I curated a memorable identity, though the website is now archived.

What we did in a nutshell!

About The Project

Bridget Murphy, the visionary behind Bridget Murphy Interiors, entrusted me with the task of shaping a unique personal brand that would set her apart in the competitive workforce. This transformative project spanned the entire spectrum of branding, from the intricacies of logo design to the development of a dynamic website, each element meticulously curated to reflect Bridget's distinctive identity and unparalleled capabilities in interior design. The central focus was on crafting a brand that not only resonated with the essence of Bridget Murphy Interiors but also stood out amidst industry peers. Every design choice was a deliberate effort to capture the sophistication and creativity inherent in Bridget's approach to interior design services. Though the website, a pivotal component of this venture, now resides in the archives, its impact on Bridget Murphy Interiors' brand presence remains palpable.
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