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Barbers of Maleny

I transformed the Barbers of Maleny's brand image by modernizing their logo through strategic design update. This collaborative project resulted in a seamlessly integrated and refreshed visual identity, showcasing my ability to blend creativity with practical solutions for a comprehensive brand transformation.

What we did in a nutshell!

About The Project

I worked with the Barbers of Maleny to refresh their visual identity. I focused on updating their logo, using my graphic design skills to convert it into a scalable vector format while maintaining quality.The goal was to modernize the logo while keeping its original essence. I made refinements by adjusting lines and shapes, incorporating subtle gradients and shadows for depth. The color palette was strategically transformed to align with current design trends while respecting the established brand. I considered the psychology of colors to evoke specific emotions and convey the desired brand message. Typography was reassessed, opting for modern and clean fonts to enhance readability and maintain a cohesive aesthetic. Through collaborative feedback sessions with the Barbers of Maleny, the final design not only met but exceeded their expectations. The result is a refreshed logo that integrates seamlessly into various branding materials, projecting a consistent image across physical and digital platforms. This initiative preserves familiarity for existing clients and positions the Barbers of Maleny as a contemporary and forward-thinking establishment in the competitive grooming industry. After completing the rebranding, I identified an issue with excessive light entering the Barbers of Maleny's workspace, causing discomfort for waiting clients and increasing room temperatures. To address this, I proposed a solution: designing one-way perforated window decals. These decals would not only mitigate the influx of light but also enhance the overall comfort of the waiting area.
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