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Yaama, I'm Joseph— A First Nations artist and UX/UI designer with a holistic approach to design.

Designing the future of business from a single dashboard.

Websites can be more than a web-page, let us help you manage your business from a single dash-board!


A Website 

That Gets You

Influencer & UGC Creators Websites

Empower your influence! Craft a personalized website to effortlessly manage clients, monetize videos, and execute powerful marketing. Elevate your online presence and unlock new possibilities in the world of UGC creation. Your digital success story begins here!

Main Website Features:

Real Estate Agencies

Are you a real estate agency seeking to establish your online presence with a dedicated website? Enhance your visibility and provide clients with a seamless platform to explore exclusive properties on your site, setting you apart from others in the industry.

Main Website Features:


Inspired Minds Solutions
Your next venture?

Discover my most recent projects and clients, exploring the innovative solutions we crafted.

Visit Creative Portfolio

Explore my creative portfolio for a glimpse into my artistic ventures. From vibrant illustrations to sleek designs, it's a casual space where imagination flows. No frills, just a laid-back showcase of my projects.

Tradesmen & Business Operators

Are you a tradie or business operator looking to expand your business, where you can efficiently manage clients, staff, payments, and more? Reach out today, and let's get started!

Main Website Features:
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